Skills4Succession: Succession problems in family businesses

Within the scope of the "Roadmap for Portuguese Family Companies", it was recently presented in GuimarĂ£es the main results of the study "Family business in the North. Mapping, portraits and testimonies". This study had as main objective to know and to assess the impact of family businesses in the Northern region on local and national economies.

One of the main conclusions of the study confirms that only 11% of the Portuguese family companies in analysis indicate to have a succession plan. In addition, the study also highlights that one of the factors that induce the success of these companies is an early preparation and the execution of a successor training plan before the actual beginning of the function, in order to ensure the sustainability and future prosperity of the company.

This study attests the high importance of the theme in Portugal, which is in perfect harmony with the project Skills4succession which is an international R&D project that has as main objective to design, develop and test learning tools and methodologies aimed at leaders and their successors (and other key people in the organization) to support SMEs successfully facing a succession process.

With this new project, conditions will be created for SMEs to develop diverse skills for a sustainable succession, and trainers and technicians will be trained to support the target groups mentioned.


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