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New Generation: Leandro Moreira

Leandro has been working at the family company for almost 20 years. Leandro Moreira is the second generation at the Footwear Factory Raly, which holds the brand Walker Flex. The footwear sector was a natural choice in his journey, following this parent’s path, who are entrepreneurs within the industry for four decades.

For how long have you been working at the company?
I’ve been working at the company for about 20 years. It seems a lot, but it actually isn’t! In this sector we’re constantly learning, with several daily challenges.

Was the footwear sector a natural choice?
Yes, I must say it was. I’ve been going to by dad’s company since I was young, and I always had a connection to the footwear world. And not only because my parents were entrepreneurs in the sector but also because I shared a lot of conversations with my parents on the topic.

How do you think the sector has been evolving?
It seems to me it has been a natural evolution. It’s true the “Made in Portugal” label currently has a huge weight in the global market. However, we should never forget to be at the frontline and increasingly invest in the quality that’s part of the sector’s DNA.

What are the future plans for the brand?
I’d say that, in some ways, the plans are strengthen good job my parents started and, whenever possible, contribute to this market that we’re so proud of and that has been promoting us so extraordinarily throughout the world.

What piece of advice would you give to those who are entering the industry?
Above all, I’d say that it’s necessary to have a taste and care for footwear and the work it implies. Dedication must be a constant and there’s a long learning journey ahead, with daily persistent problems for which they must be prepared.