Joseph Holt Brewery

 A tour inside the iconic brewery offers an extraordinary look at history!

In a world where the successes of huge corporations like Apple and Toyota take precedent, it can be hard to visualise a space where family-based businesses can succeed, this can be off putting for entrepreneurs. However, there are plenty of family businesses which are accomplishing great things in their industry, mainly because of the efficient management of the succession process.

    Joseph Holt is a Manchester based brewery which was established in 1849 and that have been brewing on the same site since 1860. A tour inside the iconic brewery offers an extraordinary look at history!

The business has recently extended to the sixth generation with the daughter of current CEO Richard Kershaw. In the 170 years since the company was founded, the family have effectively worked together and passed ownership onto each successor.
Joseph Holt sets a tremendous example for family-based businesses in any field. In an era when drinking out is on the decline, they proudly own 127 pubs in Manchester and the North West of England. They also produce around 500 barrels of beer each day, which proves just how popular the brand is.

As the times have changed Joseph Holt has attempted to keep up and has altered the company to suit the needs of their clientele. Fresh food is now served in many of their pubs and they all stock an array of wines and spirits which cater to all tastes.
The company has participated in a multitude of philanthropic work within the area. The family business has a strong community involvement and all proceeds go to The Christie Fund, a Manchester based charity which provides financial and emotional support for individuals and families who are fighting cancer.

They are also linked to the Holt Radium Institute which was founded by Sir Edward Holt in 1914. In 2019, they won the Heart of the Community award for the third year in a row due to their fundraising and charitable work. They have created a ‘celebration ale’ to mark their achievement, and 20p from every pint goes to Christie’s. The work which they do sets an impeccable example for all businesses.
Despite the array of changes which Joseph Holt has experience over the past 170 years, they continue to remember the values and beliefs which the company was founded on.