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The Skills4Succession (S4S) project started in 2017 with the aim to design, develop and test learning tools and methodologies and to face and cross the succession process in a successful way. 

The partnership developed module content to help small family businesses and coaches in this process. These modules were uploaded onto our learning platform. To present and pilot the  platform developed as part of the project, each partner organised a multiplier event with local stakeholders.

In the UK, Inova’s workshop was held prior to Covid-19 and mainly invited a selection of trainers, coaches, teachers, VET providers, SMEs, education and training organisations, but also final users of the materials and products. The workshop presented the benefits of the outputs produced in terms of increasing the success of the succession process in SMEs.
Materahub (Italy), hosted by the Municipality of Castelluzzo Inferiore, presented the results of the S4S project and the online course accessible through our platform to some representatives of organisations that work with businesses and some friends of the University of Basilicata.
Globalnet (Poland), organised the multiplier event in March just before the lockdown. Participants were mainly SMEs owners, the leaders and representatives of educational organisations. The trainer was a professional coach – Mateusz Gołębiewski who works mainly with SMEs in the area of conflict management, leadership and communication.

CETEM (Spain) showed a demo in Spanish of the b-learning course and the platform. It was explained the pilot conditions and how to be part of it. Participants were representatives of various associations and clusters and members of familiar SMEs. There were a group of 4 VET teachers of “Castillo-Puche” VET in different courses. It also invited several trainees who are doing practices in familiar SMEs in Yecla who could try to implement this knowledge in their enterprises. A total of 32 individuals attended.

Obelisk (Belgium) chose to target specifically coaches and trainers because it’s important for them to know the possibilities of the e-learning program and use it as a helpful tool in the succession processes they facilitate. They saw the added value of e-learning above all as support for the tailor-made guidance: putting participants to work in the meantime and keeping the subject matter alive.
 CTPC and Edit Value (Portugal) organised a joint online session with 45 participants on 28th May 2020. Despite not being able to personally meet the participants, the session went well and it was a great experience for all.
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