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Skills4succession online course is out with a demo version to try out. 

We would like to invite you to take the Thomas-Kilmann test, an example of what you can find within the course. 

You only have to read 30 different sets of statements where you should choose 1 out of 2 statements in each set (A or B). 

Based on the answers in these sets you will be scored on 5 different modes: Competing; Collaborating; Compromising; Avoiding; Accommodating.

The scores show how you face conflict situations, an important aspects of the succession process. 

The demo is out in six different languages
(English, Polski, Nederlands, Italiano, Português, Español).


Discover some succession stories, find out the best case studies in Europe

New Generation: Meet Mara Ferreira

With a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and a Post-Graduate in Human Resources, Mara Ferreira has been working at Bolflex for 8 years. This year, she launched the brand My Cute Pooch.

Mara Ferreira has been working for a few years at Bolflex, and she has many stories to tell. 
However, the one that makes her eyes sparkle is the one about the group's new brand: My Cute Pooch. On the occasion of the launch of the new brand, we took the opportunity to speak to Mara Ferreira to hear her thoughts.


Amarelli, the excellence of Calabrian liquorice

Amarelli is an ancient family business that for centuries has been dedicated to the cultivation, harvesting and processing of liquorice. It is located in Rossano, on the Calabrian Ionian Coast in Southern Italy.

Famous in its sector, Amarelli has a solid and ancient history: old papers, in fact, show that already in 16th century the family Amarelli marketed "black gold of Calabria".


5th Transnational meeting
Ready for Piloting

On the 16th and 17th of October, partners met in Matera for the 5th transnational meeting. All partners agreed we are ready for piloting the project; so, starting from December 2019 we will choose 10 companies in each of the 6 partners countries to test our outcomes and our platform. 

Results of the piloting will be published on our website.

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