Tools and skills for a successful succession  

The theme of succession in family based SMEs is an important and complex issue involving the companies themselves and the whole business environment, from suppliers to customers. This issue becomes relevant in Europe, where more than 90% of the businesses are SMEs, mostly familiar based.

Skills4Succession project wants to design, develop and test learning tools and methodologies and to face and cross the succession process in a successful way. 
Project goals widely cover all the succession process and they mainly are:

  • raising awareness towards the actual leaders that it’s time to prepare the succession
  • identification of the best moment to act
  • support on the identification and selection of the most adequate successor/heir
  • preparation of succession plan, support on its implementation.
  • Tools for scanning opportunities and training needs to start succession process.
  • B-learning to Implement a Sustainable Succession in family based SMEs.
  • Trainers and coaching resources, for a common methodology on coaching for Sustainable Succession in family-based SMEs.
What’s the meaning of scanning tool?  
It’s a tool of diagnosis and awareness raising. It aims to make succession process sustainable, focusing on all the needed skills. 
How does it work?
Scanning Tool consists in a set of on-line questionnaires (targeted to the leader and the possible successor when he/she is already appointed to) that determine the status of “preparation” to start a succession process, especially regarding the skills CONFLICT MANAGEMENT, LEADERSHIP, COMMUNICATION, LEADER AND FINANCE
Both leaders and potential successors, when already appointed, can take in several moments of the company life cycle and get to know on the status of their skills to start the process of succession. 

After taking and submitting the due questionnaire, and for each set of skills the tool will automatically give a visual presentation of your status.
It gives also orientation on how to improve the correspondent skills to be better prepared for the succession process.
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