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Innovative training to promote a sustainable succession in family based SMEs
Questionnaire on training needs on succession issues in actual leaders and their heirs.
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Succession in family based SMEs becomes a relevant subject in Europe, where more than 90% of the businesses are SMEs, mostly familiar based. The transference of the company leadership from an actual leader to an heir, if well conducted, is a unique moment in the company lifetime to foster innovation and the sustainability of the business. Conversely, if it is misdirected, it’ll put in risk jobs, suppliers and clients.

Project’s main goal is to design, develop and test learning tools and methodologies, targeted to the actual leaders and their heirs, key-people and other collaborators, in order to support SMEs to face and cross the succession process in a successful way.


The project main goal is to develop an innovative training model, which includes ICT based learning tools combined with coaching and mentoring methodologies, targeted to the actual leaders, their heirs, the key-people which take decisions and are responsible for the main functional areas inside the SMEs, as well as their teams, envisaging at supporting family based SMEs, to face and cross the succession process in a sustainable way and strengthen the key factor of success anchored in the soft skills. The project outputs, widely cover the all family based business. The project will also create capacity within support organizations to train and coach the involved parties.



The outputs foreseen are the following:
All these Outputs will be delivered into 6 different languages of the partnership: Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, Italian and English.

Tools for scanning opportunities and needs to start succession process, scanning training needs and creating awareness raising:

Comprehensive training paths/curricula and a contents’ Portfolio on How to Implement a Sustainable Succession in family based SMEs:

B-learning on to Implement a Sustainable Succession in family based SMEs:

Trainers/coaches resources, consisting in a common methodology on coaching for Sustainable Succession in family based SMEs, and correspondent support tools for trainers and coaches, including a package for training the trainers/coaches.:

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